A Cleanse Day is a nutritionally supported intermittent fasting day and one of the fundamental components of any Isagenix System. The goal of a Cleanse Day is to keep overall calories low while receiving nutritional support from Cleanse for Life® and other Cleanse Day-approved snacks that help you feel nourished and energised while supporting your health and weight loss goals.

There’s no single approach to Cleanse Days that is perfect for everyone. Tailoring your Cleanse Day to fit your tastes and goals can help you have your best experience. Cleanse Credits and the Cleanse Day Tracker included in your Reset Guide are designed to make it easy to choose your favorite Cleanse Day-approved snacks and plan the perfect Cleanse Day for you, all while staying within the guidelines for a successful cleanse.

Cleanse Day Basics

Every Cleanse Day starts with essential products to help support your success, including Cleanse for Life, Ionix® SupremeNatural Accelerator™, and IsaFlush®.

In addition to your essential Cleanse Day products, use Cleanse Credits to select from a list of Cleanse Day-approved snack options. Each snack is assigned a value of 1, 2, or 3 Cleanse Credits per serving, depending on your choices. Select options that add up to 10 or fewer Cleanse Credits.

Stay hydrated throughout the day with your choice of calorie-free beverages, such as plain, unsweetened coffee or tea, herbal tea and sparkling or still water.

Here’s how to plan your day:

  1. Drink four deep cleanse servings of Cleanse for Life spaced evenly throughout the day: morning, noon, late afternoon and evening.
  2. Drink one serving of Ionix Supreme in the early morning. If you normally take supplements, include them on your Cleanse Day as you normally would on any other day.
  3. Take two Natural Accelerator capsules (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and one to two IsaFlush capsules with 250 mL of water before bedtime.
  4. Choose your snack options from the list of Cleanse Day-approved snacks. Mix and match snacks that add up to a total of 10 Cleanse Credits or fewer.

Personalise Your Cleanse Day With Cleanse Credits

There are Cleanse Day-approved options to fit every taste. With a little experimentation, you can find the options that suit you.

For your best experience, spread your snack options evenly throughout the day between your servings of Cleanse for Life. If you know that you usually need a pick-me-up at a certain time of day, be ready with one of your favourite snack options to give yourself a lift.