Not all plant-based proteins are the same. If you want results, choosing the right ingredients for high-quality protein with a complete amino acid profile is essential.

Why Brown Rice and Pea Protein?
At Isagenix, we understand the importance of formulating a plant-based shake with quality protein sources. Phyto-IsaLean™ Complex is a plant-based protein blend made with whole-grain brown rice protein and pea protein isolate. This blend was carefully developed to create a plant-based protein with a complete amino acid profile to support lean muscle during weight loss or weight maintenance.

By combining brown rice and pea proteins in the right proportion, Phyto-IsaLean Complex delivers an excellent amino acid profile that is on par with whey protein and is rich in branched-chain amino acids such as leucine and isoleucine.
This rice and pea protein blend is ideal for those seeking plant-based nutrition or those who need a protein option that avoids common food allergens and digestive concerns. Plantbased IsaLean® Shake does not contain lactose, a component of dairy foods that can be difficult for some people to digest. It is also free from milk, gluten, and soy.


Plant-Based Protein Extraction
In addition, Isagenix avoids the use of potentially unhealthy chemicals such as hexane during the extraction process of the protein from raw ingredients.
The brown rice protein used in IsaLean Shake Plant-Based is produced using low-heat methods that meet organic standards and to ensure integrity of the final product.
The rice protein is extracted from multiple layers of the whole grain, not the more typical rice protein process that uses hexane to chemically extract the protein from only the bran layer. The chemical-free extraction process using enzymes produces a hexane-free protein.
Our pea protein is extracted through physical separation. The peas go through a process of screening, soaking, crushing, separating, and drying. Along the way, the product passes through several phases of sterilization and analytic testing to bring you the safest and most natural product.
Similar to the process of producing our brown rice protein, the process for pea protein doesn’t use a chemical extraction process or hexane. The low-heat process ensures the pea protein is not altered, preventing any denaturation of the product.

Hexane-Free Extraction
An important takeaway is that both of these proteins are produced using hexane-free extraction.
Hexane is a chemical that is used to process raw foods like grains and legumes. In hexane-based extraction, a raw food ingredient like peas is crushed and mixed with hexane to separate the oil, starch, and protein component, then afterward removed (1, 2).
While hexane has not been established as a carcinogen to humans or animals, the use of the chemical is a matter of controversy due to its possible effects on the quality of the protein as well as lax regulation that might increase potential exposure risk in your final product (3, 4).
As far as we’re concerned, plant-based protein extracted with hexane does not meet our no-compromise quality policy.
When you enjoy your favourite flavour of IsaLean Shake Plant-Based, you can rest assured that no hexane or other chemical solvents have been used in the processing of your plant-based proteins. The same goes for all the plant-based proteins in IsaLean Bar Plant-Based.


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