600x400px-Platinum-CallDial into our next Platinum Call at 8:00pm AEST (Sydney time) this Monday 8 June for inspiring tips and insight from our special guest Isagenix® ANZ Platinum Leaders!

If you’re busy celebrating the upcoming long weekend, we’ve got you covered! You can listen to call recordings on our Isagenix ANZ SoundCloud group – subscribe here today!

Soundcloud-ThumbCatch up with your Platinum Leaders on SoundCloud!

SoundCloud is a great tool that you can access on or computer or using iPhone and Android apps on your smartphone. It’s easy to join up for a free account and subscribe to our Isagenix ANZ SoundCloud group to stay up to date. We’ll update this page weekly and you can also track them under the Conference Call tab here on ANZ.IsaFYI.

If you missed them, check out the links below to the first two Platinum Calls:

 Week One Call: Launching the series, Isagenix Millionaires and 10 Star Platinum, 11 Star Crystal Executives Brett Davis and Samantha Gascoigne share their story as well as essential training tips and techniques for your success! Listen to Brett and Samantha’s call here.

Week Two Call: Join Heidi MacAllan, 8 Star Platinum, 4 Star Executive, as she explains the organic process of sharing and how to retain product users and new Associates. Listen to Heidi’s call here.

The calls are open to all ANZ Associates looking to take their business to the next level.

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