360x240-President's-PakGreat news! Our TGA approved Product B is now available for both individual sale and in our paks. You can now look forward to receiving this ground breaking product in the following paks…

  • President’s Pak (Product B will replace IsaDelight Plus)
  • Business Builder Pak
  • Youthful Ageing Pak  (Product B will replace IsaDelight Plus)

We’ve also updated our Business Builder Pak to include 2 boxes of IsaDelight Plus™, 2 boxes of Fibresnacks!™ AND 2 boxes of our amazing e+ energy shots! You’ll also be able to select your favourite flavour of IsaLean® Shake in our President’s Pak as we’re now offering you the choice of 4 canisters of one flavour or 2 of each.

Stay tuned to ANZ.IsaFYI.com for all updates about Isagenix products and programs!