When you’re surrounded by fun, friends, family – and food – over the holidays, it can be tempting to overindulge. No-one plans to go back for seconds or fill up on dessert, but at the end of the year we can allow ourselves to kick back for a few days before jumping back on track.

Switching healthy habits back on is often easier said than done. When we’re caught up in the spirit and emotion of the holidays, we’re not thinking about the repercussions of relaxing our belt buckles! However, a post-holiday slump might see you feeling sluggish, sleepy or simply unmotivated. If this sounds like you, don’t freak out – you’re definitely not alone. With a little pick-me-up and some support, you’ll be powering towards your new health and wellness goals before you know it.

That little pick-me-up is none other than an Isagenix® Cleanse Day! Start fresh this year and replenish your body with Cleanse for Life™. The best thing about a Cleanse Day is that you not only get the nourishment of powerful antioxidants, but you can still enjoy a treat or two with our delicious Cleanse Day-approved snacks. Not only will an IsaDelight™ or a packet of Whey Thins™ help curb any cravings, while ensuring your calorie intake isn’t blown out.

Once you’ve cleansed away those holiday indulgences, you’ll likely feel re-energised and ready to take on the world! Use that extra spring in your step to get moving outdoors or hit the gym. Don’t wait around ‘hoping’ your motivation shows up in 2019, continue the CleANZe Day momentum and surround yourself with thousands of Isagenix members who are eager to kick-start the new year!

Cleansing works best when you don’t stop at one. Find a buddy – reach out to the IsaBody Challenge® or Isagenix Business ANZ Facebook groups – or an accountability partner who can help you stick to a cleansing routine. Depending on your lifestyle and health goals, you might choose one Cleanse Day a week or a double cleanse once a fortnight. Don’t forget, there are other holidays looming where a sausage sizzle, chocolate and other treats might prove all too tempting to resist! Whether you choose to indulge of not, no worries – you’ll have your healthy habits to fall back on!

Don’t let 2019 pass you by while you struggle with a daily routine. Set yourself up for success with a CleANZe Day and continue your Isagenix System. Before you know it 2020 will be around the corner and you’ll be just one IsaBody Challenge away from reaching your summer body!