‘What’s your ideal day?’ is the million-dollar question that changed Rory Callaghan’s outlook on life. Working as a physiotherapist, he was sure that his path to a prosperous and fulfilling career was through helping aspiring athletes achieve their dream of being selected in the AFL draft.

“When I saw Peta Kelly post that question on Facebook it made me feel quite frustrated, knowing I’d have to wait until I was in my forties to achieve the goals I set out for myself,” Rory recalls. “I thought going to uni and getting a master’s degree was the journey everyone had to follow to get their ideal lifestyle.”

Always health and wellness focused, Rory’s biggest passion has always been about the forty-year vision. “I have always been health-orientated. Money had never been a driver for me because I’m more focused on making an impact,” he explains. “This is why my vision has always been to give myself an opportunity to build a platform around health.”

But at just 25 years of age Rory felt burnt out and he quickly realised that working 100 hours a week in a clinic wasn’t sustainable for his career or his health. “I backed off from everything and started looking for solutions,” he shares. “I had crossed paths with Peta from working together at a personal training clinic and at uni, but we weren’t really close friends at the time.”

“I decided to reach out to her and she told me to meet her at Freemantle and that was the start of my journey,” Rory says. “As an evidence-based health practitioner, I was the ultimate sceptic. After months of frustrations, Peta put together a pack for me and told me to give it a go.”

After two weeks Rory quickly started to feel the benefits of his system, but there was one thought that stuck with him. “When Peta gave me the pack she quickly drew out the compensation plan on a piece of paper and said, ‘I wanted to quickly show you this because you could actually eat for free’.”

“Without even thinking about it I organically asked some of my buddies if they were interested in trying this system out and three of them got started there and then. It wasn’t long before I introduced patients and even they started getting great results, so it all built from there.”

Following Rory’s early success with Isagenix®, he decided to switch his focus. “My discussions with Peta went from being about the products to vision,” he says. “Once I started to paint out my journey I knew what direction I wanted to head towards.”

“I dreamt of waking up in a villa in Bali, going for a surf in the morning before taking some time to perform my daily mindset rituals and then doing something fun and creative,” he describes. “I would dedicate my afternoons to work on making an impact, before going out and socialising with friends in the evening. That’s exactly how my day went today!”

“I believed that I’d reach these goals someday, but I could never have predicted that Isagenix would be the vehicle that got me here. I may never have been able to achieve any of this if Isagenix hadn’t come into my life and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

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