Ellie Powell
Location: VIC, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 67.2 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 70.4 kgs

Having now completed six Challenges, Ellie was faced with a diagnosis of PCOS during her fifth Challenge. With the effects of treating her condition weighing on her both physically and mentally, Ellie pushed through, keeping her goals at the forefront of her mind. “The changes occurring in my body has been challenging,” she shares. “I’m a true believer in Start, Complete, Repeat so I kept pushing on.”

Reflecting on her health journey, Ellie’s positive attitude shines through. “The IsaBody Challenge® community has been an incredible support system throughout my journey,” she says. “Through the ups and the downs, I’ve always been able to fall back on the Isagenix System and the Challenge to keep me accountable.”

Now registered for her seventh Challenge, Ellie is more motivated than ever. “I am ready to hustle and focus on what I can control rather than feeling helpless over the things I can’t control,” she says. “I can’t wait to see where the next 16 weeks takes me!”

Alex Lomakin 
Location: QLD, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 79 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 79 kgs

As a young man, keeping his weight in check always came relatively easy. But as Alex began to get older, he noticed year after a year his weight was slowly rising. “I would go to sleep tired, wake up tired, nap during the day as well as the shift in my weight,” he says. “I put it all down to getting older and there was nothing I could do about it.”

After a routine physical examination with his doctor, Alex was shocked by his results. “My doctor wasn’t happy with how my health was deteriorating,” he says. “I thought if this is how I feel and how my health is at 54, how am I going to feel at 64?!”

Introduced to Isagenix by his wife, Helen, Alex’s results were life-changing. “I decided to join the IsaBody Challenge as a way to track my results and keep accountable,” he says. “Those first 30 days on the system showed me what is possible and I now complete 10 km bike rides several times a week as well as three weight sessions a week. The afternoon naps are now gone and I feel 25 again. The Challenge truly has shown me a new way and I will be eternally grateful for the change it has brought to my life.”

Laura Strickland-Clark
Location: QLD, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 143 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 117.5 kgs

Filled with self-doubt, Laura’s journey to a healthier life hasn’t been an easy ride. Turning for food for comfort and building on her bad habits, she felt miserable and alone. Laura knew she needed to make a change – she refused to continue to feel this way forever.

Introduced to the Isagenix System, Laura initially declined as she thought it was just another fad that’d leave her disappointed. “I was done with fads, I’d tried them all,” she explains. “Nothing worked for me and I thought why would this be different?”

But discovering the IsaBody Challenge community gave Laura hope after witnessing the incredible transformations. “I thought to myself that if these people could do it, so could I,” she reflects. “I started to see what was possible and I pledged that it was my turn.”

Giving up her bad habits, Laura joined the IsaBody Challenge and began to transform her life. With hard work, determination and perseverance, the changes both internally and externally began to show. “I suddenly had a whole community supporting me, people I’d never even met were cheering me on,” she says. “I want to inspire others to never quit, to commit wholeheartedly to changing their story and to show them how they can set themselves free.”

Troy Enoka 
Location: QLD, AU
Challenge Start Weight: 138 kgs
Challenge End Weight: 101.1 kgs

Troy knew that there was more to life but with self-doubt clouding his vision, he resigned himself to a life that didn’t live up to his expectations. “I knew what life offered yet I settled for what I thought I was worth,” he admits. “I worked hard at being positive because that’s all I felt I could do.”

Introduced to Isagenix by his wife, Tiana, Troy was inspired by her faith in him. “Her desire for me to success made all the difference,” he shares. “She knew I was capable of more and her encouragement is what set me on a path to a healthier, more enjoyable life.”

Joining the IsaBody Challenge to keep himself accountable, Troy’s belief in himself grew with each day. “Seeing results has motivated me to keep chasing my goals as I now know I’m capable of achieving them,” he says. “I love the fact that I can run the rubbish bins to the roadside without needing to catch my breath, I love mowing the lawns and not feeling exhausted afterwards. I smile when I look in the mirror because I now, love what I see. These achievements may be insignificant to some but they prove to me that I’m making progress and that I now have control of my health.”