SlimcakeChoc2Sensational SlimCake Sandwiches combine two of our favourite Isagenix® products: SlimCakes™ and IsaDelight Plus™!

SlimCakes not only taste delicious, they are also packed with whole oats, inulin, flaxseed and antioxidant-rich berries to help neutralise free radicals.

IsaDelights are deliciously creamy, guilt-free chocolates fortified with essential amino acids and B vitamins to help promote positive moods and added antioxidant-rich green tea supports cardiovascular health.

Try this yummy snack today!

Sensational SlimCake Sandwich

  • 2 SlimCakes
  • 1 IsaDelight Plus
  • Optional ingredients – sliced strawberries, dessicated coconut

Remove SlimCakes and IsaDelight from packaging. Place one SlimCake on a microwave-safe plate, followed by the IsaDelight and second SlimCake on top to make a sandwich. Microwave for 20-30 seconds. Allow the SlimCake Sandwich to cool for a minute (it may be a bit hot!) before indulging!

For a lighter snack, use only one SlimCake. Break in half to make a smaller sandwich, or simply pop the IsaDelight on top and microwave for 20-30 seconds. Sprinkle with dessicated coconut or top with sliced strawberries for a yummy twist.

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