So, you’re exercising regularly, watching what you eat and smiling at your hard-earned results in the mirror, but then the holidays hit. Disaster, right? NOPE! It doesn’t have to be that way! You can still enjoy the indulgences that make the holiday season so sensational without overdoing it and unravelling months of hard work.

Here are seven tips for staying in shape this holiday season (while still enjoying it!)

  1. Substitute holiday goodies with more nutritious (but delicious) options.

To avoid overindulging on the wrong kinds of foods, start with the right ones. Treat yourself with some Isagenix® goodies that will allow you to enjoy the holiday festivities, minus the guilt!

If you’re are looking for a treat to satisfy your cravings, don’t just settle for something packed with empty calories that leave you wanting more. An IsaLean™ Bar is the perfect alternative! With four great flavours to choose from you will never have to sacrifice taste for good health, which is the best way to enjoy Christmas.

Christmas doesn’t need to be chaotic! With so much going on during the festive season, there is very little time to meal prep the right way. This is where Isagenix comes to the rescue! Replace one or two of your meals a day with a creamy IsaLean™ Shake so you can spend less time cooking and more time creating timeless experiences with friends and family.

  1. Develop the right mindset.

It all starts in your mind. Programs like Healthy Mind and Body can teach you to focus on your health goals by keeping your ‘why’ at the forefront of your decision-making.

  1. Make your journey a lifestyle approach.

Look beyond a temporary quick-fix diet. When you want to live a strong, balanced lifestyle, you need to follow a plan that can carry over beyond the first few weeks of the year. Make a change in your nutrition or exercise plan that you can stick with for the whole year. Check out to help you find the best products to support your healthy lifestyle!

  1. Be proactive, not reactive.

If you know you have a holiday party with friends, co-workers or family, have an IsaLean Bar or IsaLean Shake an hour or so before you go out. That way, you’ll be satisfied by a good source of protein and won’t come to the party hungry for sugary or fatty snacks.

  1. Try the ‘85/15’ rule.

Abide by the 85/15 rule where 85 percent or about six out of seven of your choices are healthy and the other 15 percent allows for ‘sprinkling a little fun’ in your day. The holidays (and life in general) are about having fun with family and friends. When you keep about 85 percent of your choices health-conscious, you don’t need to feel bad about indulging in the occasional treat.

  1. Get off the roller coaster mentality of guilt.

Enjoying those holiday goodies doesn’t mean you’re bad or you’ve failed. Life is what it is. Just aim to stay on the smooth track toward optimal health by trying again the next day.

  1. Manage stress with Adaptogens.

We all have a little extra stress over the holidays. Travelling, entertaining family and dealing with shopping centre crowds can be stressful. Equip your body with products like Ionix® Supreme to help you start the holiday season feeling prepared, focused and calm.

Making an effort not to overindulge this holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the occasional holiday snack or two. It’s all about moderation. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the ‘well, I’ve already eaten one cookie; I guess I might as well splurge on the Christmas ham, ice blocks and pavlova, too’ excuse.

Happy (healthy) holidays!