heidieafter1Before Isagenix, being overweight was nothing out of the ordinary for Heidie Overmeyer and her family.

She originally weighed in at 115kg, and with financial pressures on top of that, Heidie wasn’t living her ideal life.

It wasn’t until her parents passed away that Heidie made a firm decision to take better care of her own health. She experienced dramatic weight loss, however she wasn’t able to release those final unwanted ‘sticky’ kilos.

Understanding her struggles, a close friend Heidie’s introduced her to Isagenix, reassuring her that at the very least she’d sleep better and feel better.

Heidie released a further 10kg on her Isagenix program, achieving her health goal of being a trim and toned 70kg, and has now made it her mission to share the benefits of Isagenix with others.

“Sharing Isagenix has not only allowed me to help others improve their own health, it’s also given me an additional income stream which as a single mother gives me much needed financial relief.” says Heidie.

“Isagenix is a gift and the type people who can benefit are everywhere. I’m just so excited about the future that I can’t stop sharing! I’m a better mum and a better person thanks to this amazing opportunity.”