With a population of over 23 million, Taiwan is a bustling, diverse country. With a rich cultural and spiritual heritage, amazing food, world-class hot springs and stunning scenery, Taiwan should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

However, beyond the beauty of this Taiwan-500pxtiny island are some serious health challenges. Compared with other Asian countries:

Part of the problem is a serious lack of exercise combined with a diet loaded with sugar and fat. Foods such as fried chicken, deep-fried seafood, sausages and fried vegetables are popular cuisine in Taiwan.

With ever increasing waistlines, a new solution is needed to help people in Taiwan achieve a healthy weight and maintain it. That’s where Isagenix® comes in.

No-compromise approach

The Isagenix difference is the use of an entire system of products which easily incorporate healthy eating and regular exercise to form complete solutions for healthy and sustainable weight loss. Instead of being a quick fix, crash diet, Isagenix products are designed to be integrated into an overall healthy lifestyle that can be easily upheld and followed long term. Isagenix is the perfect solution to assist Asian countries like Taiwan to combat the growing obesity epidemic.

Consumers in Taiwan can have complete confidence that Isagenix systems are backed by scientific evidence to support the quality of our ground-breaking products. Strict quality assurance measures ensure our products are safe and free of impurities; our no-compromise approach is second to none.

Start building globally

With solutions for weight management, energy and performance, healthy ageing and wealth creation, Isagenix products can truly transform lives. To start building globally, you’ll need to have an International Sponsorship before you can begin building your business internationally.

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