It’s heating up! The summer months are approaching and as always, this means air con, the beach and BBQs! While many enjoy the summer heat, it can unfortunately wreak havoc on chocolate goodies… but not to fear. We have the solution! To make sure your favourite, heat-sensitive products make it to your doorstep in perfect condition during the warmer months, Isagenix® has started shipping out cooler boxes in eligible orders. Keeping your tasty products cool over the hottest months of the year, the cool box program will be in effect until the end of March 2018.

What are the eligible, heat-sensitive products?

Will I be charged for the cooler box?

NO! The cooler box is completely free of charge and automatically added to eligible orders so you can continue getting your products at the same great value. As the weather continues to heat up, more regions of Australia will also begin to ship out orders with cooler boxes included.

State-by-State Start Date

Regions currently in effect:

  • Northern Territory
  • North Queensland
  • North New South Wales
  • North South Australia
  • East Western Australia

Regions due to be added:

More regions will be added as the weather continues to heat up. Exact dates vary by region and are subject to change based on weather patterns.

Tuesday 14 November

  • Other regions of New South Wales
  • Other regions of Victoria
  • Remaining regions of Queensland
  • Remaining regions of South Australia

Tuesday 5 December

  • Tasmania
  • Metro Sydney
  • Metro Victoria
  • Remaining regions of Western Australia

*Summer cooler boxes will not be shipped out in New Zealand orders.