When it comes to summer snacking, smoothies, ice blocks and slurpees always seem to spring into mind as we search for instant relief from the scorching sun. There’s no doubt that these icy indulgences definitely help you cool down on a sweltering summer day.

However, while you may enjoy the instant satisfaction and energy from these old-school summer favourites, what you won’t enjoy is the inevitable crash that comes from such a sugar high! If you’re looking for an icy refreshment, why not get your hands on an IsaLean™ Shake instead? You can make your shake as icy as you like, and you can even be a little fancy by adding all sorts of fruits and combinations that are bound to be a hit at your pool party, picnic or beach day out!

Not every summer snack has to be a cold delicacy like an IsaLean Shake. You still need some savoury goodness to go along with your sweet and fruity smoothies. Look no further than our delicious Whey Thins Tomato & Basil®. As an exclusive flavour to Australia and New Zealand they’re the perfect summer treat to beat the heat! With 10 g of protein and just 100 calories per serving you’ll feel completely satisfied and guilt-free, even on Cleanse Days.

Don’t limit your snack game to Whey Thins, get amongst the Seasonal Catalogue for more variations of your favourite Isagenix snacks. The amazing Vanilla Cranberry Almond IsaLean™ Bar and IsaDelights™ Variety Pack with the all-new Dark Chocolate Mint flavour are guaranteed to be crowd pleasers this summer.

Next time you have your mates around for a summer pool party, picnic or day at the beach, be sure to spread the summer vibe by stocking up on your favourite Isagenix snacks! Head to your Back Office or IsaLife™ app and take a sneak peek at our summer snack choices.