Ready to shift some weight? The new Weight Loss Guide is on its way, so if you’re keen to focus and dedicate yourself to achieving a successful 30-Day Nutritional Program, then this is where it all starts for you!

From March 11, 2016 the Weight Loss Guide will be shipped for every program that incorporates the 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program.

Want to know about the support available? Here’s a list of all the things you can get your hands on, so that you can achieve the best results from our no compromise products.

  • Read an introduction to all Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Paks
  • Simplified Cleanse and Shake Day Guides
  • Plate Planner
  • Recipe ideas
  • Product facts
  • Standard and customisable 30-day calendar
  • Measurement tracker
  • FAQs

Since one guide covers all Weight Loss Paks, the Shake and Cleanse guides don’t include all the supplements- they only contain those that are fundamental to the program.

We recommend you follow the instructions on the product labels when using additional supplements such as, Ageless Actives, Essentials and IsaGenesis, to incorporate them into your program.

Visit IsaProduct.com There’s no better time to use the support and achieve a healthier you!