Many of us might hear ‘intermittent fasting’ and automatically cringe at the thought of not eating. Let’s be real, food isn’t merely fuel, the simple act of sitting down to a meal is a sensory delight. But snacking and intermittent fasting (or Cleanse Days, as we like to call them) work hand-in-hand.

Even though Cleanse Days require a low-calorie count, small snacks are allowed, even encouraged, to give your body small bits of nutritional support while you cleanse.

For many of our regular ‘cleansers’, intermittent fasting is an opportunity to let their body rest, balance and reset.

How do you do a Cleanse Day, anyway?  

Whether you’re brand new or just trying to find some inspo to get back into your regular intermittent fasting routine, here are a few tips that will upgrade your Isagenix Cleanse Day experience.

Get in the right mindset and prepare

The day prior to cleansing (a Shake Day), make sure you get one or two IsaLean™ Shakes in your system. Be sure to tell your friends and family – they will help keep you accountable. A little positive self-talk never hurts, so remember to tell yourself, “I can do this!”

Cleanse with friends

Team up with a Cleanse Day buddy for accountability and some friendly competition. This helps if you have any distractions that take you off your goal.

Plan your day to stay on track

Map out your Cleanse Day and find what works for you. Check out an example below for an idea but we recommend switching things up and making your Cleanse Day your own by experimenting with Cleanse-Day approved snacks.

Do the (simple) maths

With the new Cleanse Day Tracker, you now get 10 Cleanse Credits throughout the day as you cleanse. Each of our Cleanse Day snacks has a Cleanse Credit value assigned to it. As you eat snacks throughout your day, record the Cleanse Credits by writing them down.

Example Cleanse Day Schedule

Early morning: Water, Ionix® Supreme and black coffee

Morning: 2 scoops Cleanse for Life™ powder mixed with water, Natural Accelerator™, Collagen Elixir (2 Cleanse Credits)

Midmorning: BEA Sparkling Energising Drink (1 Cleanse Credit), IsaDelight™ Chocolate (2 Cleanse Credits)

Midday: 2 scoops Cleanse for Life powder mixed with water, Natural Accelerator, Organic Greens (2 Cleanse Credits) and AMPED Hydrate (1 Cleanse Credit) blended with ice and water

Midafternoon: 2 scoops Cleanse for Life powder mixed with water

Evening: 2 scoops Cleanse for Life powder mixed with water, Collagen Bone Broth (2 Cleanse Credits)

Before bed: IsaFlush™

Cleanse Day Tracker: 10 Cleanse Credits total

Cleansing can be intimidating, we get it! But with some simple planning, desire and snacks, it’s something you can incorporate into your routine and is so worth the benefits.