Build local, grow global in Indonesia

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Since Isagenix® Indonesia opened for business in June 2015, the growth of Isagenix has exceeded expectations – in both product sales and new members. Isagenix has only begun to scratch the surface of impacting lives in Indonesia. In fact, for every 109,026 residents, there is only one active Isagenix Associate leaving a huge opportunity for Isagenix to expand globally in this region. See how you can tap into this opportunity!

Expanding your Isagenix business globally is easier than ever. Here’s why…

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Every culture is different with its rich traditions but fundamentally, we are people looking for the same solutions: to live a bountiful life filled with health, wealth and time freedom. This is what Isagenix® is all about! Growing your team on an international level is a smart move, so we’ve made it easier than ever to connect with other people across the globe to grow your Isagenix business.
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