Recipe: Pina Colada Shake

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The holiday season may be over but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to end. With the warm weather showing no signs of departure, why not relax and enjoy the balmy evenings with a Pina Colada, Isagenix-style! Using our IsaLean™ Creamy French Vanilla, this tropical treat is a simple and tasty twist on a traditional Pina Colada, without the added sugar and kilojoules.

Seasonal Third Meal Ideas for the Warmer Weather

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During a Shake Day, two meals are already taken care of. What can be difficult is trying to create a healthy, nutritious third meal that won’t derail your health goals and that is delicious for the whole family! One way to ensure your third meal is enjoyable, simplified and at the peak of freshness, is by choosing seasonal produce. To help get you inspired, we’ve put together some third meal ideas below that will fill your plate with seasonal produce, so you can make the most of summer’s delicious produce and get the most out of your Shake Days.
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