They set goals. They sweat for the achievement. They fuel their bodies with the best nutrition to maintain a prime endurance level.

And best off all? They embody Isagenix: Weight Loss, Healthy Aging, and Energy & Performance.

Isagenix is proud to introduce, a site dedicated to our community of athletes, fitness competitors and bodybuilders who take the time to power their body with the right energy.

This cutting edge website is aimed to showcase the athletes who use Isagenix products on a regular basis to demonstrate how effective they really are.


At, you will find:

Team Isagenix Video

The women and men of Team Isagenix make sacrifices and train for countless hours to call themselves champions—but it takes more than time in the gym to play with the pros. The world’s best nutrition is the cornerstone to athletic elitism and these competitors know it. Watch athletes tell their moving stories of why they chose Isagenix and how it’s improving their performance.

The Athletes

  • Athlete profiles are divided into athletic abilities: professional athletes, fitness competitors, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, extreme athletes and personal trainers
  • Select an athletic ability and browse athlete profiles
  • From a specific athletic profile, learn when they started using Isagenix, where they’re from, why they chose the product and why Isagenix improves their performance
  • Browse through the image galleries of each athlete

Athletes Blog

The blog posts the best feature articles for building athletic endurance from Athletes will also have access to other tools such as Athlete Program information on how to get involved in Team Isagenix, PowerPoints geared toward fitness professionals for product education or launch parties, and information about NSF Certified for Sport.

JJ Birden says, “I wish I took these products when I was in the NFL. They would have been the difference in my training, performance and recovery.”

After all, greatness is made—not born, and that’s exactly what is about. To learn more about our elite athletes, browse through