640x400px-Celebrate-90DGP-success2We’re celebrating your 90-Day Game Plan success here at Head Office and we want to hear from you! Whether it’s a photo, a piece of inspiration that got you over a stumbling block, or how you used Launch Parties and Text Blitz Days to share the Isagenix® opportunity, send your story our way!

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Sharing in success

On our wrap-up conference call, Bill and Sharon Ryan, 4 Star Golden Circle, 1 Star Crystal Executive, shared how they’ve used two rounds of the 90-Day Game Plan so far to grow their business!

150x150px-Bill-&-Sharon-Ryan“After seeing what we achieved in our first 90-Day Game Plan, we hit the ground running with our second round, kicking off at this year’s National Celebration,” says Bill.

“We wrote down our goals and not only did we achieve them, we surpassed them! We couldn’t have done it without the 90-Day Game Plan to drive our commitment and focus on developing our team. We’ll be having a big party to celebrate with everyone!”

Now Bill and Sharon are having a short break to review their goals and reset before linking arms with their team for another 90-Day Game Plan. The only difference this time? Bigger goals and a bigger team!

Bill and Sharon’s story is one of many – tell us yours today!

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