When it comes to keeping healthy, men love to focus on the body, talking sports, fitness and fueling their body with the right nutrition but often neglect the largest organ in our body, essential to good health, our skin. 

Skin is skin, regardless of gender, so why is it that when we talk about skincare, our minds turn to women? 
The market is flooded with products and the media filled with tips all aligned to keep us looking and feeling younger, longer, however most men only rely on their daily shower to keep their skin “clean”, and stray away from “beauty” products forgetting most skincare ranges are dedicated to health. 

Our skin cells lose strength over time when they don’t receive the nutrients and care they require, resulting in breakouts, fine lines and aging effects we want to avoid. Men in particular are also dealing with facial hair meaning they are prone to ingrown hairs as well as irritations and razor burns caused from shaving. With a multitude of external factors damaging our skin, a solid grooming routine is the simplest way to healthy youthful skin. 

Talking the basics, cleansing away dead skin cells and other build up on the face is the first essential step to maintaining healthy and radiant skin, followed by hydration. Fueling your body with water throughout the day is obvious, however adding a moisturiser each morning and evening is key to preventing irritations. 

Avoiding stress and too much sun exposure are natural ways to fight off early signs of aging, however to look your best each day, adding a serum and toner into your routine will have you flaunting a balanced and vibrant complexion every day. 

It sounds daunting, especially if you’re new to skincare, however taking control of your skin doesn’t mean extensive routines or excessive products (and you can even avoid the feminine fragrances with neutral scented ranges). All you need is a few simple steps each day to repair, protect and nourish your skin so your future self is as handsome as you are today.