Each and every day our mind is challenged by what’s around us – external contributors in the form of work, relationships, health and wellness, and so many others directly influencing how we feel, think and act in any given situation. How we interpret these interactions is at the control of our mindset. 

Throughout 2020 we saw an abundance of mental health statistics and resources raising awareness of our holistic wellbeing and how important it is to remain positive, even when times are tough. Our mind has a unique power and incredible role to play in our life when combined with focus and emotion we learn to embrace “the bright side” of each encounter passing us by. 

So when it comes to reaching your goals and creating your healthy change, your mindset should be a top priority. Although often overlooked, it is the key to becoming the best version of yourself and reflecting that to the world around you. 

Here are our top activities to strengthen the health of your mind: 

  1. Appreciate the little things
    Feeling the sun shine on your skin, talking to your favourite person and listening to your favourite song, these little wins make a huge impact on your outlook.
  2. Start your day with a strong morning
    There’s nothing better than welcoming a new day with activities that send endorphins to the brain. Think physical exercise, journaling and eating a nutritious breakfast
  3. Avoid screen time
    We spend so much time in front of bright lights and social media distracting us from what’s around, connect with the present and enjoy a good book or meditation. 

Prioritising your mindset, along with fuelling your body creates a perfectly balanced combination paving the way for our happiest, healthiest life.