vision board fly-IsaFYI-510x510If you have a big goal, it’s only a matter of time before the going gets tough – that’s when a vision board can remind you of your end goal and help keep you on the road to success!

A vision board is a collection of inspirational images and items that reinforce your reason for taking on a particular goal. The most important factor in reaching your goals is a powerful purpose or ‘Why’.

At Isagenix®, we believe that you can achieve what you dare to dream but you need the right tools to help you reach your goals. Whether your goal is physical, personal or financial – or a combination of all three – a vision board is a simple and easy way to reinforce your commitment to success.

How to build a vision board

There’s no right or wrong way to build a vision board. The key is to make it easily accessible and visible in your everyday life. It could be a cork board in your office, a collection of images on your bathroom mirror or even a Pinterest board. In fact, some people take a picture of their vision board and save it as their phone’s background image. Do whatever you need to, in order to visualise your dreams every single day.

Collect images and items that inspire you and put them somewhere you can see them regularly. Then, each day, spend some quiet, quality time reflecting on your vision board and what you want to achieve. You don’t have to complete your vision board all at once. Start small and build on it by adding to it as you find more inspiration. This will help keep you engaged and focused on your vision.

What to put on your vision Board

Choose powerful images, sayings and items that represent your ‘Why’ – why you’re striving to achieve your goals. Then, add images, sayings, and items that are motivational and represent how your life will change when you’ve reached your goal.

If, for example, your goal is to shed weight and improve your overall health to spend more quality time with your kids, pictures of your kids and the activities you want to do together when you reach your goal should go on your vision board. You can also add motivational quotes and photos related to fitness and healthy foods to keep you inspired.  As you start making progress toward your goal, add tokens of your success – like the finisher ribbon from a family 5km race – to remind you how great each moment of success feels.

More inspiration!

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