With our Performance range, your intentions are clear, your goals are set and you’re ready to put in the work.

Backed by the science of nutrient timing, the AMPED line was expertly designed to support your body’s unique needs at each phase of your workout. From priming the mind and body to providing powerful nourishment and enhancing the recovery process, our complete AMPED range has you covered.

Any healthy lifestyle change should include a commitment to daily physical activity. And with this commitment includes targeted performance nutrition. If you are putting your body through daily movement, providing the right nutrition can help it feel easier and reduce the soreness that accompanies workouts when you are just getting started or pushing your body to new limits.

Pre-Workout: AMPED Nitro

Whether in the gym, on the trail, or wherever life takes you, priming your mind and body to perform is the key to an effective pre-workout supplement.

AMPED Nitro combines the nitric oxide benefits from Nitrosigine®§ and citrulline to support increased blood flow and mental focus (1, 2) with other key bioactives such as creatine, taurine, beta-alanine and betaine to maximize muscle energy, cell hydration and promote gains in muscle strength and power (3, 4, 6).

To naturally increase energy, alertness, and stamina, AMPED Nitro also provides a targeted dose of caffeine from tea leaves. Caffeine has been shown to enhance performance in endurance sports by increasing time before exhaustion, delaying perceptions of fatigue and decreasing perceptions of effort (5, 7).

Mid-Workout: AMPED BCAA Plus

Supporting muscles during a workout is crucial for pushing through and optimising performance. AMPED BCAA Plus provides concentrated branched-chain amino acids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, prevent muscle breakdown and reduce muscle fatigue.

When sipped during your workout, BCAA Plus provides proper hydration and key amino acids. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are BCAAs, which contribute to energy production in working muscle. Leucine contributes to activating muscle protein synthesis while you’re still in the gym. Providing your muscles with a source of BCCAs during training can delay fatigue and promote recovery (8, 9).

Additionally, AMPED BCAA Plus also contains L-carnitine, an essential component for transporting fatty acids into mitochondria where they are metabolised for energy.

Post-Workout: AMPED Post-Workout

While getting the right amount of protein in your diet is key to supporting muscle recovery after exercise, research suggests there is more we can do to help support the repair and recovery of muscle tissue following intense exercise. AMPED Post-Workout was formulated with natural ingredients including tart cherry, curcumin, astaxanthin, and collagen peptides to provide greater support for recovery after training. These unique ingredients work together to support performance, recovery and relief from exercise-related joint and muscle soreness (10-17).

Benefiting weekend warriors and elite athletes alike, AMPED Post-Workout can support your body’s recovery post-workout and reduce the nagging soreness that accompanies a good training session.

Anytime Support: AMPED Hydrate

Good hydration is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can support your overall health, but there is more to optimal hydration than water alone. Electrolytes are minerals that perform many essential functions in the body. Better yet, AMPED Hydrate doesn’t have the added sugar and artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners found in typical sports drinks. It’s made with natural ingredients like naturally sweetened with stevia to replenish electrolytes along with a superfruit electrolyte blend and four essential electrolyte minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Vitamins C and B complex provide nutrients for optimal performance and recovery.

While each AMPED product is effective on its own, together they create an ideal delivery system of key nutrients to support optimal performance and recovery. Whether your goal is body composition changes or power and strength increases, the targeted support of the AMPED range will help you maximise your full potential!


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