A new-and-improved version of IsaPulse is coming soon. When you first log in to IsaPulse 2.0, you’ll see some Terms & Conditions that’ll make the application more enjoyable for everyone.

In case you aren’t familiar, IsaPulse is our mobile app that lets you recognise rock stars in your downline with virtual pats on the back. Before you tap into the rhythm of your business, take a moment to review these important ground rules.

Manners Matter

When you choose to contact a member, be respectful. Introduce yourself and briefly explain why you’re making contact. Act like a leader and stick to positive reinforcement.

Not every notification requires you to contact the member. Keep in mind you can receive notifications about new members or those who aren’t using IsaPulse yet. Consider the member’s joined date, rank, and enrolling sponsor.

Play Nicely in the Sandbox

Any violations of these Terms & Conditions or the Isagenix Policies & Procedures may result in disciplinary action including but not limited to losing access to IsaPulse and/or your tree placement.

If someone is harassing you with unwanted, continuous messages, contact Compliance@IsagenixCorp.com.

Opt-Out Option

If you don’t want to participate in IsaPulse notifications, contact Support@IsagenixCorp.com. Note that if you opt out, you and your upline won’t receive notifications about your progress, and you won’t receive notifications about your downline.