If you’re ready to release excess weight, improve your overall health and boost your energy, there’s never been a better time to take action and achieve your goals with CleANZE Day on the way! Come together with fellow Isagenix Aussies and Kiwis and support a New Year cleanse.

To help start 2017 with a bang, we’ll be continuing the cleanse support through the entire month of January with a dedicated CleANZe Facebook page and weekly Zoom calls! Every week it’s #WednesdayCleanseDay where you’ll hear from both Corporate and field cleansers on everything you need to know about cleansing.

In preparation for the month ahead (and beyond), we’ve put together some handy tips to help you breeze through your Cleanse Days:

To help prepare you for the month ahead (and beyond), we’ve put together some handy tips to help you breeze through your Cleanse Days:

Map out your Cleanse Days in advance
Planning ahead is key to successful Cleanse Days. Knowing in advance what days you’ll be cleansing can help you mentally prepare for them. Be sure to jot them down on your calendar so you don’t accidentally schedule a lunch or dinner with friends on those days. Before Cleanse Days, take the time to look over your Cleanse Day schedule and customise it to fit your day ensuring you’ll have access to all your cleansing tools throughout the day.

Cleanse with a friend or as a team
Having a cleansing buddy or buddies can help keep you accountable when temptation strikes. Having someone to turn to for encouragement when cravings hit will build morale and help keep you motivated.

Plan your Cleanse Day snacks
You have a variety of snack options available during Cleanse Days. They include up to six Isagenix Snacks®, one to two IsaDelight™ chocolates, ¼ apple or pear and one to two servings of e+™. Be sure to have these on hand to curb cravings.

Clean out the pantry and fridge
One of the worst things that can happen to anyone on Cleanse Days is finding yourself opening the fridge only to spot that leftover chocolate cake sitting next to the canister of Cleanse for Life®. Don’t let that happen to you! Clean out any junk food in advance.

Stay hydrated
Staying properly hydrated is always a goal to aim for daily but it’s particularly important during a Cleanse Day. Making sure that you’re drinking enough fluids can prevent the onset of headaches and other troubles.

Set reminders on your phone
As busy as you’ll be on Cleanse Days, it might be to easy to forget to take your next allotted Cleanse for Life serving, snack or glass of water. By setting an alarm or reminder on your phone, you can help make the most of your Cleanse Day.

Plan on taking a brisk walk or doing yoga to create a positive distraction. Redirecting your energy toward productive, fun and healthy habits can make it easier to stay on track during your Cleanse Days.

The most important thing to remember is that there are many ways to be successful on Cleanse Days, it just takes finding the ways and habits that work for you. For extra support during your Cleanse Days this January, be sure to check out the CleANZe Day Zoom call schedule here.