People tend to assume that holidays and healthy lifestyles don’t mix. The belief that you cannot enjoy the holiday season or a trip away while trying to better or maintain your health has caused so many holiday health blowouts that undo all the hard work from the weeks or months before. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to keep your health goals intact while still enjoying the best delicacies Christmas and New Years have to offer.

With that said, here are some sneaky tips to prevent the holiday blowout this season.

Schedule your Splurge

Keep in mind that there are nine days from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. Not all those days are special occasions. Before the craziness of Christmas kicks in, take a moment to organise your plans so that you know exactly when you’ll break away from your health and wellness plans and when to get back on course.

Keep Cleansing!

A fundamental part of maintaining and building on your health and wellness goals with Isagenix® is completing weekly Cleanse Days, and the holidays should be no different. Don’t wait till the damage is done! Squeeze in your Cleanse Day while out and about chasing Boxing Day sales or spending the day at the beach.

Track the Treats

If no-one knows, it won’t hurt, right? We’re not saying that you should be monitoring every single thing that passes your lips during the holidays but keeping an eye out on what you eat and drink can give you a friendly reminder not to go too crazy on the snacks. The IsaLife™ app is a great tool to monitor your munchies throughout the holidays. You can also access and order all our delicious treats, so you can snack smarter.

Keep Moving

After a long year, we all need a little time to chill out and recharge. But that doesn’t mean you should spend all your holidays lounging around by the pool (as tempting as that sounds). In between sleep-ins and afternoon naps try your best to do some form of activity, whether it be a sunset stroll or a leisurely bike ride through the park. Connect your fitness tracker to the IsaLife app to track how much you move over the holidays.

Remember Your Goals

Don’t lose sight of your final destination. It’s easy to get side-tracked during the holidays, but if you keep your goals in mind, it might just remind you of the journey you’re on. Set your goals on the IsaLife app so you have them readily available in the palm of your hand!

You’re not in this alone! With Isagenix, there’s always someone who is on a similar, if not the same journey as you. Reach out to the IsaBody Challenge® community or the Isagenix Business ANZ Facebook group for all the support you need to combat those Christmas cravings!