Are you ready to take your business growth to the next level? We’re always working to find ways to make your life easier to assist in achieving your goals. We are thrilled to announce that we have updated some of our most exciting tools, available now to help give your business a boost this summer and beyond.

IsaBody™ Look Book 2017/2018
This tool is a great way to share with others how the IsaBody Challenge® can bring successful transformations to everybody in every solution – Weight Loss, Energy, Performance and Healthy Ageing.

Inside, you’ll find inspiring success stories, helpful meal plans, workout tips and incredible ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos featuring Customers from a variety of backgrounds who have achieved their goals through the use of Isagenix® and the IsaBody Challenge.

More than just a physical transformation, discover how the IsaBody Challenge community strengthens, uplifts and inspires one another to stay accountable and smash through physical and mental barriers.

IsaBody Challenge Planner 2017
This 16-week diary was created exclusively for IsaBody Challenge participants and is designed to motivate and support participants along their journey to better health. Monitor thoughts, eating habits, fitness goals and track achievements by checking in with your IsaBody Challenge journey each day.

Set yourself up for success by filling in the pages with your thoughts, fitness goals, eating habits, Cleanse Days and everything in between. As you flip the pages throughout the 16 weeks, you’ll find inspiration from those who achieved success during their Challenge, learn more about the Isagenix products and how they can help you through your fitness journey and pick up some awesome meal ideas.

Associate Diary 2018
We all know that planning and scheduling is an integral part of success. As they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Map out your year, record your daily activities and review your monthly progress in our handy A4-sized diary, tailored to help you utilise your precious time in the most effective and efficient way possible. It even comes included with all the important Isagenix need-to-know dates!

Healthy Mind and Body Video
Isagenix teamed up with life coach, author and Growth-U creator, Rod Hairston, to create a one-of-a-kind, 60-day accountability system called Healthy Mind and Body.

This program follows a simple, step-by-step personal development coaching process to help individuals at any level of health and fitness take their life to the next level for the long term. Over the 60 day period, participants are required to complete short tasks and assignments every day to help train the mind in developing and sustaining positive thoughts and behaviours. Through a series of exercises, participants learn to remain goal-focused and begin to break through those unwanted negative habits.

Healthy Mind and Body is designed to educate, entertain and most of all, empower participants to be healthy in all areas of life.

Use the Healthy Mind and Body video as an introductory tool for those who want to learn more about goal-setting and breaking negative habits.

START Your Life Video
The brand-new START video unveiled at Global Celebration in the US is the perfect source of inspiration for you and your team and a great tool to utilise for potential prospects. Featuring current START members aged 18-35 who are passionate about changing lives, this video is the perfect tool to encourage young people to live beyond the status quo, take ownership of their health, dreams and life.

Success Stories
Two incredible success story videos were presented on stage at Summer Kick Off 2017 featuring 4 Star Golden Circle, 2 Star Crystal Executives, Rico Gear and Bec Miles and 2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executives, Paula and Dave Wenham.

Easily accessible via the Isagenix ANZ Youtube Channel, Isagenix success stories recognise Associates from different ages who have achieved exceptional results, making them the perfect prospecting tool to show others what’s possible through the Isagenix vehicle.

With all these tools now available, now is the time to get your Christmas shopping done early. Check out to get your hands on all the latest tools and be sure to pick some up for your team members to help prepare them for the year ahead.