Baffled by the twittersphere? Confused by timelines and profile pictures? Here’s our top tips on where to start with social media.

1. With so many social media sites to choose from it’s recommended that you concentrate your efforts on a maximum of three eg. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Choose quality over quantity.

2. Use the 60-40 rule. When posting on social media sites use 60% of your own content and share 40% from other sites which you find interesting or relevant to your business.

3. You can’t build a successful social media plan campaign overnight. Plan your posts in advance. Whether it’s a weekly blog or a daily tweet, have in mind what you want to talk about.

4. Don’t bombard your followers with information, let them come to you. Be ‘social’ in your activity and people will start to interact more with you.

5. Get started! Anyone can use social media so jump in feet first and have a go. If you’re looking for more great tips head to