Challenges have the potential to bring out the best in people. This was certainly the case for Mary and Danny Kruger. Being undervalued and underappreciated for all his work as an electrician, Danny made the decision to leave his job. At the same time, Mary continued through the stresses of full-time university study.

Being without their primary source of income, the couple found themselves in an insecure and vulnerable financial position. It was at that moment the young couple decided they wanted to break free from having their lives controlled by external factors.

While Danny got to work building his own traditional electrical business, Mary set out to develop their Isagenix® business in the pockets of her time.

“Danny had to implement all the normal things you need to run a business like investing in marketing, putting in extra time, putting systems in place and constantly chasing customers,” says Mary. “Seeing all of that made me appreciate the Isagenix business so much more.”

They simplified their life and came up with a ten-year plan. Despite building their two businesses separately with slight overlaps from time to time, they always had the same vision and goal in mind.

“The plan was that we would earn money in the short term from the traditional electrical business and build Isagenix on the side,” says Danny. “We always thought Isagenix could give us something in the long run, which has certainly worked so far.”

The end goal of the Kruger’s ten-plan was to be in a position to earn six-figures a year. With their sights set on building their Isagenix business for the future, they were surprised to see just how quickly their side hustle had grown in only three short years.

Despite all the success, they still viewed Isagenix as their background business. However, that mindset changed when they began using their Isagenix income to pay the staff of their traditional electrical company. Closing their traditional business to focus on network marketing has opened many new possibilities.

“Danny is from the Netherlands, and we love to get back there as often as we can,” says Mary. “Being able to maintain our work and get paid while spending time with the family is incredible.”

Becoming START1000 ambassadors, helping change lives physically and financially, and qualifying for incentive trips are always standout moments for Associates. Still, for Mary and Danny, it all comes back to family and freedom.

“The opportunity for both of us to be full-time parents is priceless,” says Mary. “Our daughter hasn’t had the chance to be a mummy’s girl because she’s been raised by both of us the whole time.”

Reaching millionaire status isn’t just about Mary and Danny, but their entire team, friends and family who supported them and helped their dreams become a reality. They may not be able to celebrate in person just yet, but that hasn’t made the moment any less special.

With almost a decade of network marketing experience to their name, Danny and Mary know the importance of being resilient and going the distance.

“A lot of people have short term goals, and when they fall short they fade away,” says Danny. “For us, whether we ran fast or slow, we were committed to going the distance and doing whatever it took to get there.”

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