At Isagenix®, we believe that self development is a process which not only helps you to grow as a person – it helps you develop your Isagenix business and support those around you. This is why Isagenix is continually providing tools, events and guides to help you expand your knowledge and follow your vision.

Why not invest in some beneficial reading time to help grow into the person you truly want to be? Here are two books we believe you should get your hands on that won’t break the bank!

The benefits of ‘mindfulness’ – the practice of integrating conscious behavior into all aspects of your life – are many and varied. From reducing stress and improving focus to lowering your ‘genetic age’, adopting mindfulness practices can be quite literally life-changing.

World-renowned leadership coach Michael Bunting has just released two brand new books helping people not only incorporate mindfulness into their everyday life, but also dramatically improve their business leadership skills through the same practices.

The Mindful Leader is a groundbreaking book that integrates proven mindfulness principles with world-class leadership practices, revealing the secrets to becoming a truly extraordinary leader and achieve incredible results for your business.

A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation is a step-by-step guide for going from mindfulness beginner to pro, covering the foundations of mindfulness, exact methods for more effective meditation and practical advice on integrating mindfulness into your life.

For one day only, on May 4, publishers Wiley are making history by offering both books in e-book version for just 99 cents each!

Author, Michael Bunting has also agreed to match every dollar spent with an equal donation to charity, so while helping yourself you are also contributing to a greater cause!

To take advantage of this one-day-only sales event, visit the links below tomorrow, on May 4, 2016 to purchase the e-books for just 99 cents!

The Mindful Leader
A Practical Guide to Mindful Meditation