We are thrilled to announce that Isagenix Vietnam will open for business on October 21!

With an International Sponsorship, you’ll be able to enrol Vietnam Residents (with a valid Vietnamese ID) in your Back Office by choosing the Vietnam flag during the enrolment process. Products will ship from our Vietnam warehouse to our Associates and customers.

Vietnam residents will be able to make Isagenix part of their daily routine and start building their Isagenix businesses! Customers wishing to build a business must personally consume or retail 300 BV or more to become an Associate. Preferred Customers who personally consume or retail 300 BV over 60 days will have the option to convert to an Associate.

Find out more about Isagenix in Vietnam at IsaFYI/International. There you’ll find product offerings, paks and systems, office information and more. Please note that Isagenix business builders who are not Vietnam residents (but are building a business in Vietnam) may not enrol members in Vietnam while on Vietnamese soil. If you are planning a business trip to Vietnam, you may only process enrolments via phone or Internet while you are outside Vietnam.

Please contact us at InternationalQuestions@IsagenixCorp.com if you are planning to travel to Vietnam and have questions about this regulation. Join us for our Grand Opening celebration November 21-23 in Hanoi. Stay tuned to IsaFYI.com for details as the event draws nearer.