Have you been rockin’ IsaPulse since Celebration 2014, or are you scratching your head, saying, “IsaWhat?” If you’re in the latter category, IsaPulse is a new mobile app that keeps you up-to-date on your team’s progress and lets you reach out to them with virtual pats on the back.

Whether you’re an IsaPulse rockstar or you’re just getting started, you should log in to the Associate Back Office (ABO) and watch our short video tutorial. It provides an overview of IsaPulse’s features, as well as tips for using IsaPulse to boost your business.

To Watch the IsaPulse Video Tutorial:

1. Log in to the ABO.

2. From the Help/Tutorials menu, select IsaGeeks University.


3. Click Isagenix Tools.

4. Click ABO.


5. Click Using IsaPulse to Boost Your Business, and yours truly will walk you through an overview of the app’s features.


6. Log in to IsaPulse and show your team some love!