In an ever complex, time-poor and demanding world, the importance of having a strong snack game is growing insanely quick! According to the ‘State of Snacking’ report by Mondelez International and The Harris Poll, “Snacking has become so integral to how we eat, that 61 per cent of us say we can’t live without daily snacking moments”. 😮

The world of snacking is so vast and influenced by tons of factors, making it nearly impossible to get a grasp of our snacking habits. But, the ‘State of Snacking’ has surveyed 6,068 people from around the globe (including 504 people from the land down under), across all generations ranging from Centennials (18-22) to the Silent Generation (75+).

From their research, they simplified Australia’s snacking habits down to three key points.

Snacks Almost Equal to Meals

Australia’s daily snacking numbers are on par with the number of meals we consume each day! In fact, among the younger generation of Aussies snacking has actually surpassed meals.

Consuming so many snacks a day means one thing… convenience. With an average snack break four minutes shorter than the global average, our highest priority when it comes to choosing the right snack is ease.

Moments of Nostalgia

Almost two-thirds of Aussies say that some of their most precious memories of their childhood involve sharing a snack with their parents, something they still remember to this day. Don’t be surprised if one day your kids ask for an IsaLean™ Bar or IsaDelight™ to help them take a trip down memory lane. In fact, you should probably stock up now and save some money for your holiday spending.

Different Definitions for ‘Holistic’

Snacks provide a generational gap of a different kind. When younger Aussies seek holistic snacks, they tend to reach for treats that’ll enhance their mood, better their focus and be gluten-free. The Boomer generation, on the other hand, tends to prefer snacks low in sugar, fat and calories.

While generations might have different opinions about what snacking means to them, one thing can all agree on is that snacking is much bigger than a choice. It’s a way of life!