We believe gratitude is essential to a fulfilling life. Gratitude is

understanding and appreciating the impact each of us has in

creating positive change for ourselves, our friends, our families,

our communities and the world at large. At Isagenix, we celebrate the

efforts and achievements of others no matter how great or

small. We are grateful that we get the opportunity to share our

products and culture with the world.



Whether you’re a product user, Associate or staff member, Isagenix® has touched so many lives and we are the first to say “Thank you!” to everyone who has enjoyed our products and shared our experience! In turn, ask any one of our product users, Associates and staff members about Isagenix and the first thing they will say is, “I am so thankful for this opportunity”.

‘Gratitude’ is one of Isagenix’s 12 core values and top trainers will tell you that this one simple concept can make all the difference to your life. Taking a moment to acknowledge what you are thankful for can make a huge difference to your attitude, especially if some obstacles have started obscuring your goals.

Showing gratitude – the quality of being thankful, showing appreciation and motivation to return kindness – has a positive ‘snowball’ effect. Gratitude not only motivates us to grow stronger relationships with the people we are thanking for their support, it also naturally encourages us to seek out more opportunities to share our experience with new people.

“The beauty [of What Drives Us] isn’t to introduce something new, but to take what is already there and to breathe more life into it – to define it more deeply and to celebrate who we are and the values that have shaped how we do our work for the past 13 years,” says Kevin Adams, Chief Executive Officer.

Creating a space of positivity and openness, gratitude is a daily practice that keeps on giving. With gratitude as our attitude, together we can grow!

Stay tuned to ANZ.IsaFYI as we share each of our 12 core values

Our 12 core values:

Health    –     Freedom    –     Innovation    –     Integrity

Contribution    –     Gratitude    –     Goal-driven    –     Purpose

Transformation    –     Leadership development    –     Fun    –     Family