On Sunday, August 24, Isagenix started the Crystal Director reset. This gave Associates an extra 15 days to build their team and earn $750 during the reset. This opportunity is also an ideal chance for you to begin your unique vision with the 90-Day Game Plan with leadership development.

So, we want to know where YOU are with your Crystal Director reset. It’s not too late to earn the rank of Crystal Director, along with receiving a pin and certificate by December 7. Simply read this guide on how to build your team, fill out the worksheet and earn your new title!

Scratching your head on HOW to become a leader and build your team? Read these quick tips from Isagenix Millionaires, 18 Star Platinum Circle, 21 Star Crystal Executives Herb and Patty.

1)     Develop a Team

“I believe it starts in your home,” says Patty. “The way to change that is to make it happen. Money turns others’ heads. Work harder.”

“And if you don’t have a family, you’ll have others who will have families,” says Herb. “They’ll be your support and they’ll enroll others. Families share in success.”

2)     Take the Action Today

“You can’t do something with lack of integrity. You need to believe in the company to do it,” says Patty.

“It’s daily activities that you do every single day—you need to start a routine: It’s all time management,” confirms Herb.

3)     Coach Your Team Members

“The number one tool is to have a three-way call,” says Herb. “It’s all about learning and earning at the same time. It’s all about you helping them coach other members. We also listened to others having three-way calls to give feedback. Just do it. Get it done.”

For many more tips and tricks on how to build your Isagenix business to help you reach Crystal Director, watch their live training at Celebration – Strength in Momentum 2014.