Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re someone who is organised and already have your costume sorted, that leaves you with one thing left to plan: tasty Halloween snacks.

Halloween kicks off right before the holiday season, meaning from now until January you’ll have endless parties to attend. Whether it’s a family dinner, drinks with friends or a work soiree, unhealthy foods and snacks are bound to be found no matter where you turn. Whilst Halloween parties are lots of fun, all the extra calories are not and sometimes even the best of us need a little help resisting all the temptations.

Now is the time to prepare your healthy snacks for Halloween and beyond. Whether you’re hosting or attending, these snack ideas will have you reaching your goals and enjoying the party season without the dreaded post-holiday weight gain.

Whey Thins with hummus
It’s super easy to consume empty calories quickly when you’re not snacking smart, especially at parties and events. A handful of potato chips here, a dip into the lolly jar there and before you know it, you’ve consumed a day’s worth of calories in snacks. This doesn’t have to be the case. Replace chips and crackers with protein-packed Whey Thins™ and replace calorie-dense dips with hummus.

The main ingredient in hummus is chickpeas, making the naturally creamy dip high in protein and fibre. Even better, it’s perfect for those who are dairy free!

Add vegetables to the mix… and more dip
Another healthy dip option for your Whey Thins is tzatziki. Made from whole Greek yogurt, tzatziki also packs a serious protein punch. To go along with your savoury Whey Thins, cut up some capsicum and carrots to snack on for something a little sweeter. The fibre in the vegetables and protein in the Whey Thins and tzatziki will help you to feel full whilst keeping calories low.

Homemade sweet and salty trail mix
The great thing about trail mix is not only is it full of nutrients, good fats and protein to keep you satiated, it’s also easily adaptable to whatever your taste buds and goals are. Even better, it’s easy to make and take on the go.

Mix together some air-popped popcorn, slivered almonds, dried fruit of your choice, Whey Thins and pieces of IsaDelight™ chocolate for a delicious hit of savoury and sweet in one go. High in fibre, nutrients and protein, this is a healthy snack that kids and adults are sure to love.

Make your own dried fruit at home in the oven to control any added sugar. We love dried cranberries, goji berries, blueberries and bananas for a nutrient-dense hit of natural sweetness.