The moment our 18 IsaBody Finalists had all been waiting for finally arrived on Sunday at ANZ Celebration. Having built up the hype on stage in front of the deafening crowd of 5,000 people, it was time to crown our 2019 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winners for Australia and New Zealand.

Australia’s Grand Prize Winner goes to…

Thomas Philbin-Malucelli the restaurant manager from New South Wales was speechless and in utter disbelief, not that he could get a word out as he was swarmed by his fellow finalist with fireworks exploding all around.

“Last year my incredible girlfriend had to drag me to Celebration instead of letting me sleep in,” he said. “One day, when we were talking about our future together she gave me an ultimatum, that if I didn’t become a man, she would go and find another man to build her life with.”

Instantly, Thomas started a new IsaBody Challenge and the results have changed his life forever. “If I did this, then all of you guys can do this too! I’m so glad to be here representing what’s possible.”

Thomas also took his chance to credit the amazing encouragement and support from the IsaBody Challenge community before receiving a FaceTime call from his mother in the UK!

New Zealand’s Grand Prize Winner is…

Ruka Te Moana is your first ever New Zealand IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner! Despite feeling absolutely ‘pumped’ to be crowned champion, Ruka quickly turned the attention towards the other incredible finalists sharing the stage with him.

“These guys have been a source of inspiration for me all week so let’s give it up for them!” he says. “All of us wouldn’t have made it up here today if it wasn’t for all the partners, children and parents back home who help us be the best we can be so thank you to every single one of you.”

As for his departing words of wisdom, Ruka says, “For all you guys out there, no road to success ever travels in a straight line and there are no exceptions with my story and look at where I am now.”

If winning the Grand Prize or becoming a finalist wasn’t enough, Isagenix® decided to raise the stakes this year by topping up the winner’s check to $15,000 and $4,000 for each finalist.

Be Our Next Grand Prize Winner!

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