150px-Celebrate-90DGP-successWhat better way to start the week than with uplifting and inspiring stories as we celebrate your success!

We hear from Isagenix® Associates who have used the 90-Day Game Plan to set out a clear path to achieving their goals, however big or small.

Congratulations to everyone that participated!

Donna Higgins, Manager

“In the final week of the 90-Day Game Plan, I finally reached my goal of MANAGER! I’ve been chasing this for 12 months. Yay!”

Helen and Alex Lomakin, 1 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive

“We have started several 90-Day Game Plans but we didn’t complete them. This time we really wanted to reach our goal. Alex and I identified exactly what we wanted to achieve, when and by what date. We held that vision and pushed each other to keep working towards it.

“We identified who we wanted in our team and reached out to help them build their vision. We also connected with new people to keep filling the funnel. We found small pockets of time and chipped away bit by bit. We attended events to keep our belief strong and help us grow personally. All these things helped to keep our momentum going and we were able to reach our goal.

“Humble thanks and gratitude go to Allan and Lari Hilzinger, 7 Star Golden Circle, 8 Star Crystal Executive, for their constant support and enthusiasm for moving forward and of course to Isagenix for providing a vehicle that has sounds values and integrity that has allowed us to dream again.”

Thanks to Donna, Helen and Alex for sharing their success!

Send your 90-Day Game Plan success stories to CommunicationsANZ@IsagenixCorp.com and keep an eye on ANZ.IsaFYI!