Oils, oils, oils. Everyone at Isagenix seems to be talking about them. You might love all the conversations or you might just find it a little overdone. If you’re the latter, you’re probably curious why sooo many people seem to be sharing and raving about Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils. The simple answer is, because Isagenix essential oils are 100% pure and responsibly sourced. They’re the very best nature has to offer and they’re the perfect complement to our existing Isagenix range.

Essence is the best of two worlds, Science and Nature. Both of which have been at the core of Isagenix since we first began 16 years ago, and you might be surprised to hear that we’ve been using compounds found in essential oils in many of our existing products from the very beginning of Isagenix, so it was only a matter of time until we expanded upon how we utilise them.

So, the question on many lips is, ‘Why do I need to include essential oils in my IsaLife?’ Because it’s the simplest and most satisfying way to enhance your health and wellness journey!

Our  Weight Loss, Performance and Vitality and Wellbeing Systems are incredible on their own and there’s no denying that but including oils as a wholistic approach to health and wellness complements, encourages and supports your intuitive and nourishing relationship with food.

Each single and blend is handled with utmost care. Whether you use Lavender during your bedtime routine, a drop of Peppermint on your muscles after a gruelling workout or DefenseShield™ in high traffic areas. Our toolkit delves into the unique characteristics of each oil and blend, so you know exactly what will complement your needs and your Isagenix System.

Whether it’s mixed with an IsaLean™ Shake, applied to the skin or diffused with the Isagenix Cool Mist Diffuser, you’ll be more than glad to have added essential oils to your pack!

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