180px-Online-StructureIsagenix is bringing you a whole new online ordering experience. With our new online ordering structure, you win!

Isagenix now offers flexible ordering, you can shop and select your favourite flavours and product options at a simple click of a button!

Take a look at this helpful tutorial* for more details on how it works.

Custom build your Program or Pak just the way you like it. The more you buy, the more you save! With this rewarding simple discount structure you’ll be able enjoy the following benefits from Wednesday 15 January 2014 onwards:

  • Additional Program and Pak discounts and BV bonuses
  • Personalisation of any Program or Pak
  • A new simple Autoship structure
  • Amazing incentives to grow your global business

Isagenix offers 2 ways to save!

Save 5% when you purchase an Isagenix Program or Pak over 149 BV and 10% for a Program or Pak over 299 BV vs. purchasing individual items.

Save an additional 5% for an everyday lowest price when you purchase a Program or Pak on Autoship or what we refer to as ‘Autoship Rewards Pricing’.

What are the benefits of purchasing a pak or program on Autoship versus just purchasing individual items or paks/programs at wholesale pricing?

Take the BV level of our best seller the 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program for example. If you purchase between 150 and 299 BV you receive 5% pak/program discount.

These are our getting started paks and systems like the 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program, Energy and Performance Program, Youthful Ageing Program. Plus, if you order them on Autoship you’ll receive Autoship Rewards pricing AND receive an additional 5% discount, for a total of 10%.

Now here’s the best part. If you purchase on Autoship above 300 BV, our President’s Pak, you get a 10% Pak/Program discount and a 5% Autoship Rewards discount for a total discount of 15%. Take a look at the table below which explains the new structure.

A La Carte Table *Contains examples of Paks and Systems that may not be available in all regions.