How do people do it? How do they breeze through their Cleanse Days while you struggle to make it past midday without poring through your pantry? If you’re preparing to complete your first Cleanse Day and are feeling a little intimidated, the path to Cleanse Day success is through proper prep…

1- Start with Shake Days

Our bodies are made to adapt over time, so if you’re accustomed to a high level of calories, it’s probably best to get a few Shake Days under your belt before diving into a Cleanse. Once you have mastered Shake Days, you will be much more prepared to complete a successful Cleanse Day. Don’t forget that you need at least two Shake Days before taking on a deep cleanse!

2- Cut excess calories early.

Minimising your calorie count overnight is a tough ask. That’s why you should gradually start cutting back ahead of your first Cleanse. If your body is expecting a sugar hit every few hours, it’s going to be in for quite the shock when you cut it all out at once. Gradually lowering your caloric intake on your Shake Days will make mastering your Cleanse Days easier and easier.

3- Rely on a coach and your tools and customise when needed.

Asking for help is a sign of strength and commitment, so don’t be afraid to rely on a little support from your sponsor and support tools. Following the Cleanse Day guidelines as close as possible will give you the best chance of success, but you also have the flexibility to make adjustments. Whether you’re cleansing alone or advising a friend, keep in mind that everyone’s needs and experiences on a Cleanse Day will differ.

4- Write down your schedule and set alarms.

A healthy lifestyle requires planning! Thinking ahead will help you avoid those unwanted temptations. Organise a Cleanse Day schedule and set reminders throughout the day. Going too long without a serving of Cleanse for Life™, or Isagenix Snacks™ could lead to your downfall. By treating your body with our nourishing Cleanse Day support products, you’re less likely to feel ‘hangry’ or sluggishly tired, which will make your day much more enjoyable.

5- Pick Cleanse Days strategically.

Ever notice that when you have a slow day you tend to snack a lot more? With that in mind, it’s probably best not to cleanse when you plan on bingeing a whole TV series. Choose a day when you’re in meetings or running errands. You can even schedule around your training by saving your Cleanse for a rest day!

6- If you slip up, don’t give up.

Like any new habit, it takes time to adjust before cleansing becomes second nature. If you’re not able to complete an entire Cleanse Day as planned, don’t beat yourself up about it. Break your Cleanse guiltlessly with an IsaLean™ Shake and try again next week. It’s best to complete at least five Shake Days before planning your next Cleanse Day. Cleansing is a skill, you’ll become a pro in no time!

Everyone can benefit from some extra prep to ensure a more pleasant Cleanse Day experience. Even seasoned cleansers might want to give these tips a try!