150px-coovers-birthdayWe kicked off the week wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jim and Kathy Coover! Join in the celebrations and share a special gift for you and your growing team through to 19 July!

Make it an extra special gift and check out some great tips for getting your new Associates started on the right track with their Isagenix® Pak or Program.

A combination of healthy nutrition and regular exercise will give you the best results for a healthy lifestyle. We have answers to common nutrition questions every runner should know and we dig a little deeper on how IsaPro can help you lose weight, with some added exercise tips from Blake Shaver, Isagenix Corporate Wellness Coach. We get creative with a yummy recipe for Protein Pancakes that can be enjoyed anytime and our top leaders share their favourite ways to use Ionix Supreme™. How do you Ionix?

150x150px-Do-you-have-what-it-takesIsaUni Auckland is fast approaching and we’re putting the call out for Volunteers! This is a great opportunity for you contribute as a volunteer and experience the Isagenix culture in a new way! Are you ready to wear the Green Polo?

We’ll also be announcing IsaBody Challenge® Round One winners at IsaUni Auckland! Check out our latest IsaBody transformation story to get inspired on your own 16-week challenge!

Join Nicole and Helen, 8 Star Platinum, 1 Star Executive, for a super-charged Platinum Call on Monday night. Find out how getting to events can be a game-changer for your business and learn the skills to bring your team with you. Isagenix Millionaire Brett Davis, 10 Star Platinum, 11 Star Crystal Executive, will put the spotlight on the upcoming Platinum Tour and the incredible training that’s in store for you. Dial in at 8:00pm AEST this Monday 13 July.

nominate-and-vote-IsaFYI-VotingCloses-510x510-150x150Take a moment as we round up the week to vote for Allan and Lari Hilzinger, 7 Star Golden Circle, 8 Star Crystal Executive, in the Spirit of Isagenix Awards for 2015 ‘Breakthrough’ Celebration in San Diego, California, U.S.! As the only representatives from Australia and New Zealand, Allan and Lari need your help to the award home! Voting ends 13 July, 2015, so cast your vote now!

Remember to send your success stories, recipes and suggestions to CommunicationsANZ@IsagenixCorp.com
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