IsaDerby San Diego Winners announced this week!

We’re so excited to be announcing the winners of IsaDerby San Diego on our next conference call at 1:00pm AEST (Sydney time) on Wednesday 10 June! Dial in to hear who will be jetting off for a life-changing adventure to San Diego for ‘Breakthrough’ 2015 Celebration USA! We’ll also be announcing the lucky winners of the Individual Wildcards and Indulgence Passes! Listen in to find out if you’re a winner! Continue reading →

Final race call for IsaDerby San Diego!

IsaDerby San Diego finishes this Sunday 31 May 2015 at midnight NY time - but the race is far from over! In fact, the competition is tight and there's even more at stake. So get your game on and dial into our next IsaDerby San Diego call at 1:00pm AEST (Sydney time) on Wednesday 27 May for the final race call! Australia's latest Isagenix® Millionaire, 10 Star Platinum, 11 Star Crystal Executive Brett Davis will be joining us to let you know when the winners will be announced! Continue reading →

IsaDerby San Diego Leaders Board and Conference Call!

Enrol – Autoship – Rank Advance – Repeat! This is the IsaDerby San Diego mantra for you and your team in these final two weeks! It’s still anyone’s game, so keep repeating that mantra and see your points build! Check this week's Leaders Board here to see how your team is progressing! This recognition period is from Monday 16 February to Sunday 3 May 2015. This will be the last Leaders Board for the competition, which ends Sunday 31 May. Continue reading →