Product Focus: AMPED NOx

Any athlete or person wanting to maximise their workouts knows the feeling of all-out exertion. Lifting weights until muscle failure, sprinting for 100 metres and simply pushing your physical limits are great ways to increase exercise performance. AMPED™ NOx is a pre-workout, 60 mL shot designed to prolong high-intensity training and provide blood flow support for any type of workout. Continue reading →

Introducing Our New Packs!

If you were at Celebration last month in Brisbane, you’d have heard all about the new and exciting changes coming to Isagenix®. Our new and improved website was launched last week with our Customer First initiative key to the change. We know how much you love the changes we’ve rolled out but it doesn’t end there! We’re excited to announce our new, improved and revamped packs, available now in your Back Office. Continue reading →