Isagenix Legacy Club Member and Platinum, Annie Lewis has over 40 years experience in the Network Marketing Industry and has built her businesses with in-homes.

Check out her Truth Bomb’s to making your next In-Home a success, and if you haven’t got one planned, you’ll want to after this!


My Top 8 In-Home Truth Bombs:

Truth Bomb 1: I feel this one is a very important truth bomb to be aware of.

Guests who attend an in-home will be initially attracted by the product or theme they’ve been invited to… let’s say that’s Celletoi, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re exclusively interested just in that product. People come along to an in-home for all sorts of reason – sometimes just to be a support for their friends so don’t assume what they would be interested in.

The majority of us got started on a wellness program of some sort. Once you share your story about why & how you got involved with Isagenix and what’s happened for you (something you really must do) you may be surprised to find some may be as interested, if not more interested, in losing weight or getting their health back as they are about Celletoi.

Even if they are there just to experience Celletoi you should plant seeds about other types of in-homes with our other product solutions. Think of it like going to the movies. You’re there to see the feature film but they always show previews of what’s coming to get you back there. Be deliberate about ‘selling’ the idea of other in-home themes. If you can secure another in-home or 2 that keeps the momentum going.

In all my years of doing in-homes this has been my experience. I would for example plan a “Say No to Ageing” in-home to talk about IsaGenesis and all things anti-ageing. However, when I went through the other product solutions we offer at the beginning often the presentation, the direction would change to weight loss because people were showing more interest in that. I could never work out why but this is the truth… so morale of the story is be prepared with other products to show/ taste test.

Side Note: When you tell your story be sure to do a soft sell on the income opportunity as well. You just never know who could be looking for a flexible way to earn extra income or even looking for an exciting new career path.


Truth Bomb 2: An in-home doesn’t necessarily have to be held in your home. Sometimes it’s better if it’s not. Having said that when someone else is hosting, you want to set her up for success by coaching her on how to invite the right people. 2-3 people genuinely interested is better than a rent a crowd of 10! You can ask guests to bring an interested friend as well. And the same is true when you’re having it in your home. Saying something like this: ‘Susan, I’m only having a small gathering to keep it personalised so if it’s not of interest that’s absolutely fine, I’d rather know now so I can replace you’. Same with getting commitments to coming- ‘if you can’t make that’s fine, I’d rather know now as it’s only going by be a small gathering and I can replace you if you can’t make it’

It’s a great tool to use to get a fence sitter to make a decision. Suggest getting a few friends together in a relaxed environment in her own home to help her make a decision. A great excuse to get the girls together, do a taste testing with absolutely no obligation.

It’s also a great tool to use when the money objection comes up. It’s not uncommon for someone who has an in-home to get 2 friends to get started with them. That equates to Double PIBs / Consultant!


Truth Bomb 3: Doing an in-home in your own home is something that anyone can do with a little guidance and it cures the frustration of inactivity. Once you’ve committed you’ll have something to work towards. Look at the contacts in your phone. Who could you invite? As you cross paths with people you know or meet new prospects you’ll have something to invite them to. Make a conscious effort to get out and about!


Truth Bomb 4: It doesn’t always have to be pre meditated – you can pull an in-home together really quickly and it can just be a couple of guests. Remember you’ll always get some sort of result when you take action.


Truth Bomb 5: You won’t know if in-homes are for you this by doing just 1 – you need to do at least 6 to get into the flow of things. The closer you have them together the better otherwise it’s like starting all over again.


Truth Bomb 6: People won’t always decide to get started on the day. Having an incentive for ordering on the day can be a good idea. A lucky draw of some type? Some may still need more time so follow up within 48 hours. Always ask permission to stay in touch with those who aren’t ready just yet. At least you’re one step closer!


Truth Bomb 7: Sometimes no one turns up! Don’t let that deter you. It happens to everyone! If you keep the preparation simple and not a full stage production, it’s no big deal if no-one shows when it’s at your home. If it’s at someone else’s you still have 1 person and that often works out really well!


Truth Bomb 8: Duplication is one of the biggest business benefits. I’ve found when people get started on the product through an in-home, it’s an easy ask to go back to them when the time is right to suggest they have their own in-home to help get their products paid for. They already know what it’s all about. You don’t have to explain.

Also people who get started with the business who were introduced to Isagenix at an in-home will most likely also do in homes to grow their own business.


My last words of wisdom.

To have the best chance of success with in-homes, please focus on the actual ‘experience’ you are giving people and adding value. You do this by keeping it fun, social, low key but high energy and most importantly by engaging all the senses. And this is also duplicatable.

Smell – diffuse essential oils / smell of products
Touch – the Celletoi ‘handcial’
Taste – tasting platter, collagen / shakes
See – a simple yet beautiful display/ flowers etc
Hear – play happy music as guests arrive. *Consider doing a 5 minute guided relaxation at the end of the demo part (They’re easy to find online).

This will help get your guests into an open state of mind!