Very few people under the age of 35 can say that they have total control of their future but Nicole Robertson is one of the few who has forged her path to business success with Isagenix®. In search of her freedom, the young entrepreneur found herself stuck working in business development as a contractor before joining Isagenix. “It was the ‘in-between’ option of not knowing what business I wanted to build and not wanting to climb the corporate ladder. My idea of freedom is having a choice with my time,” she says. “This absolutely doesn’t mean that I don’t have to work hard, I have a lot more of that ahead of me.”

With passion, hard work and determination earning her a spot as an exclusive START 1000 member, it’s a momentous milestone for the inspiring business builder who originally only wanted to use the products herself when she first enrolled with Isagenix and wasn’t at all interested in starting a business. “I’d had a little taste of network marketing in the past, but it wasn’t a great experience,” she says. “I’d wiped the whole profession with the same brush, which almost made me miss out on Isagenix.” She paved her way into the exclusive group by reaching and maintaining a 3-Star Golden Circle rank with the help and support of members in the START Facebook group.

“Being part of the START1000 is of course a tremendous honour,” she says. And while she appreciates the awards and recognition of her achievements, she believes it represents more than her business alone. “Speaking to an audience of 2,500 people at our Summer Kick Off was the biggest privilege, along with building lifelong friendships and incredible memories travelling to incredible places with my winning IsaDerby team.”

Isagenix hasn’t just helped Nicole and her customers live out their dream, it has also helped the people close to her turn their aspirations into reality. “My partner always had a dream to live and work overseas and 18 months in to my journey with Isagenix he was offered a job in Istanbul. Because of the freedom that Isagenix gives me, we didn’t have to worry about how to make it work. We just could,” she says. “I didn’t have to leave my career or give up something I loved, for him to pursue his dream. That freedom led to us to ten countries and countless cities in two years all while still being able to grow an international business and do what I love!”

“Isagenix is my platform for possibility in every area of my world that’s important to me,” she says. “It’s our partner in helping us dream more, hold higher standards for ourselves, and living to our full potential.” With the opportunity to build her business and a network of incredible relationships all over the world, her future full of hope and optimism is in the palm of her hand.

START is the movement that is setting the example of what is truly possible for young people,” Nicole says. “It’s truly the vehicle for whatever vision I have (and others), and that’s something that excites me to the core.”