How strong is your snack game? For some, snacks always seem to be particularly difficult to monitor and control. Many health and wellness enthusiasts plan their meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner whether it’s an IsaLean™ Shake or a 400-600 calorie meal, but snacks are sometimes chosen in the spur of the moment because it can be harder to predict when hunger or cravings will strike.

There is a crazy amount of snacking options available at supermarkets and grocery stores, a lot of which are packed with sugar and salt. While they may taste great, they don’t often leave you feeling satisfied or align with your goals. If Isagenix® is your one-stop shop for snacks and treats however, you’re in safe hands. If you’re someone who gets bored of snacking healthily, it’s important to have variety so you don’t lose sight of your health and wellness goals.

With the launch of the new 2018 Seasonal Catalogue, we have an even greater range of products and flavours to give you more variety than ever. It’s never been easier to mix up and manage your munchies!

Our IsaLean™ Bars have always been crowd pleasers. Chocolate Cream Crisp and Chocolate Decadence are for our chocolate connoisseurs, Nutty Caramel Cashew for those who are nuts about nuts and Lemon Passion Crunch to satisfy your citrus craze. Now we’ve added yet another great tasting bar for the fruit fanatics. The Seasonal Vanilla Cranberry Almond IsaLean Bar is filled with a deliciously juicy berry flavour and combined with the sweetness of vanilla and a hint of almond making it the healthy option that anyone with a sweet tooth will adore.

Have you ever caught yourself wandering to the pantry for a couple of squares of chocolate? It might seem like a harmless treat but it’ll surprise you with a few extra calories more than you might think, and chances are you’ll still be hungry. An IsaDelight™ is the reliable way to cut out those calories while still fulfilling your love for all things chocolate. With only 60 calories and four grams or less of fat per serve, it’s the guilt-free way to indulge in your favourite delicacy. The new Dark Chocolate with Mint in our Seasonal IsaDelight Variety Pack is a delicious treat to leave you feeling satisfied.

Now’s the best time to expand your snacking horizons with Isagenix! We all know that sweets and treats taste a lot better during the festive season when you’re surrounded by the people you love, so get your hands on some of the Seasonal Catalogue specials today.