With almost two decades of Rugby Union experience and a Rugby Union World Cup tournament under her belt, Team Isagenix athlete Oneata Schwalger is ready to take on a new challenge in the first edition of the Women’s NRL. The new St. George Illawarra Dragons recruit is chasing her dream of playing in a Rugby League World Cup and one day becoming a professional athlete. We sat down with Oneata for a chat…

What does it mean to you to be part of the first ever Women’s NRL competition?

“It means the world to me! I think it’s extra special because I come from Victoria which is completely dominated by AFL, so it’s great that I can show talented girls around the country that there is a pathway to success in Rugby League outside of New South Wales and Queensland. I never thought a competition like this would be around during my time in the sport, so I’m so grateful to be part of these first steps in history.”

How did it feel to receive the call from the Dragons to play in the Women’s NRL?

“At the time I was still recovering from my shoulder surgery. It was quite a depressing point in my life and I even had discussions with my partner about possibly giving up sport. As soon as the Dragons called it was like a switch flicked in my mind where I thought okay I need to get my health back on track so I can keep playing which was such a good feeling, so I got back into the Isagenix products and lost 8 kgs and I’m feeling awesome.”

As a mother and an athlete, how do you incorporate Isagenix® into your life?

“As an athlete my fitness has always been up and down based on when my competitions are on but with Isagenix I know that I am fuelling my body with amazing nutrition and it’s what I need to get in shape. I use the AMPED™ range all the time for training and I even have a routine to incorporate the products before, during and after my games. Because of the stress that comes from factors away from sport like work and managing the family I can’t live without Ionix® supreme!”

“But it’s not all about the products. The Isagenix community and resources available have changed my life and my family’s too. The self-development that comes from going to events and hearing from people like David T.S. Wood have helped all facets of our lives. We can’t ever go back to how we used to think, I’m already looking at options and things I can do to give back to the sporting community and if I hadn’t come across Isagenix I probably never would have considered them to be a possibility.”

What are your future goals for life and sport?

“I really think women’s Rugby League is going to blow up in the next few years. I want my body to last so I can try to play in the next Rugby League World Cup in 2021 and to be part of a professional Women’s NRL competition which I honestly think is not too far away. I know that with the products I’ll be able to do that. Away from sport I want to be more involved with Team Isagenix and use it as a platform to help more people. Celebration 2019 is also coming up and that has me excited!”