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People join the IsaBody Challenge® for many different reasons. Some are looking for a physical transformation, others are searching for a sense of accountability around their health, while others are enticed by the prizes and the chance to be the Grand Prize Winner!

While IsaBody™ provides all the above opportunities, those who complete their Challenge and continue to participate in future Challenges can benefit in additional ways.

dBuild Your Business
Many IsaBody participants say their Isagenix® business improved after they shared their Isagenix story on social media and through word of mouth. Crystal Executive, 3 Star Golden Circle, Adam N. and Bianca B. have successfully built their business around the Challenge. “Starting and completing the IsaBody Challenge has been a HUGE catalyst to our success in our business,” says Adam. “As soon as I started in my first IsaBody Challenge, I took my whole Facebook network along for the journey with me.” The IsaBody Challenge provides accountability and consistency and can work as a template to share your story with others. Adam incorporates his IsaBody Challenge before and after images into every single meeting he has with people about Isagenix. “Results speak louder than words,” says Adam. “They always have and always will.”

Adam and Bianca encourage their newly registered members to sign up to a Challenge as soon as they are enrolled. “The IsaBody challenge helps set people up with incentivised success,” explains Adam. “Just for completing the IsaBody Challenge you get a $200 product coupon, a $50 event coupon and awesome merchandise! More importantly, the Challenge gives people 16 weeks to create new healthy habits and a new healthy mindset rather than coming on board with just a 30 day mindset.”

Did you know? 80% of the people who join Isagenix, register for the Challenge and successfully complete the Challenge are still with Isagenix a year after they joined.

The Accountability Factor
After speaking with any IsaBody Finalist, you’ll notice many people have similar reasons for wanting to participate in the Challenge. The Challenge acts as a built-in accountability system, providing each participant with a 16-week timeline, support from other participants and social media tools to stay on track.

The majority of IsaBody ANZ participants keep themselves accountable during their 16- Week Challenge by joining the IsaBody ANZ Facebook group. The IsaBody ANZ Facebook group, open only to past and current IsaBody participants, currently has over 4500 members. Discussion within the group is focused on success stories, recipes, fitness tips and a huge amount of positivity and support.

Another great way IsaBody helps others stay accountable, is through IsaBody Fitness. Tune in to Facebook Live on Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. AEST for fun workouts and tips for success from Jill and Scott Knight, personal trainers to Jim and Kathy Coover. To catch the action, head to Facebook.com/Isagenix and turn on notifications for weekly reminders!

Learn more about the IsaBody Challenge and encourage your team members to register TODAY.