It wasn’t always smooth sailing for START Ambassadors, Krystal W. and Bruce D. Prior to starting their Isagenix® journey, Krystal was working as a sales manager in a timeshare company and Bruce was working in insurance, however neither felt they were living life on their own terms. They were constantly struggling to make ends meet. “Before Isagenix, we were burnt out, broke and our health was suffering,” recalls Krystal. “Something needed to change.”

Both Krystal and Bruce were introduced to the Isagenix opportunity in May 2014 by their close friend Jackson P. Krystal and Bruce began as product users with the intention of restoring their waning health without much consideration for the business side of things. “I spent a year researching the products and the company and wasn’t completely sold on it,” says Krystal. “However, when the humble, young Jackson rocked up to our little apartment and ran us through the basics I thought ‘wow, if he can build a successful business from this, why can’t I?’ That was the final bit of motivation I needed to jump off the fence and start giving this opportunity a red-hot go.”

After Krystal’s research and speaking with Jackson P., the couple purchased a President’s Pak each and both received outstanding results. “My belief in the products grew after I saw such amazing results,” says Krystal. “I was now 100% focused on sharing the opportunity with others however I was still working full-time at this point so it was difficult to juggle.” Krystal was sharing her results on Facebook and received many enquiries from people wanting to experience the same transformation. “I had to work on the business during small pockets of time and would often sneak off into the bathroom at work just to message people and make calls!” As a result of the couple’s hard work, commitment and belief in the products, Krystal and Bruce were both able to hand in their resignation at their 9-5 jobs, freeing them to commit to transforming lives with Isagenix full time.

Over the past two years, Krystal and Bruce have received numerous accolades for business success including the Rising Star award, START 1000 award, Spirit of Isagenix Couple award and, most recently, the START Ambassadors award. Krystal and Bruce have also earned spots to three IsaDerbys and one President’s Quest. These incredible achievements showcase the couple’s passion and commitment to helping others, truly exemplifying the Isagenix culture.

“Throughout this incredible journey, we have formed so many life-long friendships,” expresses Krystal. “Linking arms with Isagenix has allowed us to take control of our health and our future. We hope to continue to inspire other young people to own their lives, discover their ‘why’ and create freedom and a lasting legacy.”